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Ask Our Experts: I have Sharp Pains in My Foot, What could it be?, How Can I Relieve...
Common Foot Problems
Common Foot Problems: Webbed Toes and Treatment, What Are Heel Spurs?,...
Foot Care
Foot Care: How Reflexology Works Using the Feet, The Art of Foot Reading,...
Foot Pain
Foot Pain: Flat Feet, What is Club Foot?, Arthritis of the Foot, Heel Pain...
Footwear: How to Choose Children's Shoes, Supportive Feet Products for Senior...
Healthy Feet
Healthy Feet: Ticklish Feet: Why? and How?, Prenatal Reflexology Explained, The...
Illness & Foot Problems
Illness & Foot Problems: The Causes of Unusual Foot Odour, What is Foot...
Infections and Diseases
Infections and Diseases: Coxsackievirus Infection: Hand, Foot and Mouth...
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  • FootCareExpert
    Re: Walking Aids: Braces & Splints
    @SHADI - I'm afraid we don't sell specific products, we are an advisory website. You would have to do some research to see…
    13 April 2015
    Re: Walking Aids: Braces & Splints
    good day i would like to inform you that's after seeing your sub product advertisement i found that's it could be so useful…
    9 April 2015
  • LizC
    Re: Collapsed Arch in Foot: Could a Fall Have Caused it?
    @Kelly - surgery may be considered in difficult cases but it is generally undertaken as a last…
    3 November 2014
  • Kelly Waller
    Re: Collapsed Arch in Foot: Could a Fall Have Caused it?
    Hi my son has Plantar Fasciitis He is 13 years old and his feet are very deformed looking and…
    3 November 2014
  • unknown
    Re: How Can I Get Rid of my Corns?
    the information on this site seems useful. i have found the problem i have and hope it cures soon
    10 July 2014
  • Duane
    Re: Calluses
    I've developed what I think is the same type of "verruca"--I think that's the term-- I had years ago--a callous beneath which was a white rice-grain like…
    28 January 2014
    Re: Preventing and Treating Hard Skin
    Hy! I would like to know that for how much do you do full treatment.
    3 November 2013
  • Caz
    Re: Feet Facts
    Found this website and its amazing with the information enclosed. I have posted it to a Facebook Group who are sufferers of Plantar Fasciitis and…
    2 November 2013
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